Radical Honey is connecting you with your neighborhood beekeepers and food producers in a convenient digital marketplace. In addition to offering these delicious + local products, sourced within 100-miles, we are also committed to sharing the story of the person who created these delicacies

At Radical Honey, we feel like we’ve lost a connection with the food we consume. By keeping our distribution within a smaller radius, and sharing the story of the food producer, we hope to slowly re-establish that connection.

Our honey is only delivered within 100-miles to bring the local connection back to our food. 


Currently on our site we’re featuring a liquid, golden honey from Urban Nectar, which is based out of Noe Valley in San Francisco, CA.


This jar comes courtesy to us from Aaaron, the head beekeeper at Urban Nectar. Aaron started the business several years after picking up a beekeeping hobby as a teenager, which eventually developed into a part-time business. What started as one hive in a friend's garden has now evolved to 8-10 colonies harvested each season throughout several neighborhoods. Aaron is certainly a busy bee himself, as he also works as an engineer in the Bay Area from 9-5!



Aaron's Honey


Receive one of the most versatile honeys of your life! It will come in a 12 oz jar.

About Aaron
Aaron is a software engineer living in San Francisco who started beekeeping as a teenager after his father got fed up with how much time he spent playing video games! Now, Aaron counts 8–10 colonies per season in a friend’s Noe Valley garden, a project that grew into a part-time business called Urban Nectar.

About Aaron's Honey
It is a scrumptious liquid, golden-colored honey. It has rich floral elements, which prevents this honey from being overly sweet. It is a true umami experience and has a distinctly earthy note with each spoonful. The flavor profile makes this honey an amazing companion when drizzled over yogurt, granola, and toast.

Why this is important
Roughly 75% of the honey in the US comes from abroad and is stripped of all its pollen and mixed with glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, flour, corn syrup, or starch. Radical Honey is battling honey fraud by connecting beekeepers directly to you.

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Aaron's Honey.
Aaron's Honey.
Aaron's Honey.
Aaron's Honey.
Aaron's Honey.
Aaron's Honey.