Honey is the new gold ✨✨

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most adulterated products in the world because it is extremely under-regulated 🚫. 75% of the honey in the US is a blend of different honeys coming from different locations ✈️, it’s stripped of all its pollen, and it contains glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, flour, corn syrup, or starch🤢.

So how can we find real honey? We must buy from trusted, often pretty small producers 
🐝. That’s why Radical Honey exists. 
We have a lot of fun scouting "gems" around the world, talking to the beekeepers and tasting their amazing products. We tell their stories, and make their product available on our platform 🍯. 
A teaspoon of real honey a day is the ultimate functional food: it has anti-inflammatory properties for your stomach and throat, it’s rich in pre- and probiotics for your gut microbial balance, and it’s a natural skin repair 💚- and it’s only 21 kCal!
Our mission is to see a jar of real, pure honey in every household. And to keep on having fun meeting radical beekeepers. ✨